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Joint Statement Opposing ICE Guidance on International English Language Program Students for Fall 2024


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Member Program Director and UCIEP Board Member, Dr. Jason Litzenburg, authored an article on the status of ESL teaching professionals that was recently published in TESOL's Program Administration Interest...


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UCIEP is an independent consortium of university and college-administered intensive English programs in the United States. Founded in 1967, UCIEP's purpose is to advance professional standards and quality instruction in intensive English programs at universities and colleges in the United States. Our member programs are committed to the consortium's effort to ensure that students receive the highest quality intensive English instruction from trained, professional teachers.

Our Mission

UCIEP supports and strengthens university-governed intensive English program leadership through collegial engagement, applied research, IEP advocacy, and the active promotion of the highest professional standards. 

Our Vision

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Our Promise

UCIEP members are committed to ensuring that students receive the highest quality intensive English instruction from trained, professional teachers.


Our History

In 1967, the University and College Intensive English Program organization was born out of a group of directors from 13 Intensive English Programs (IEPs) who met to discuss challenges and provide leadership in their growing field. From the very beginning, UCIEP members have been committed to setting and achieving high standards in Intensive English programs, educating institutions about the importance of supporting English language learners in order to facilitate their preparation for success in their academic studies, and providing a forum for IEP directors to exchange ideas, information, and experiences.

Our Values

Integrity:  Exemplifying honesty, trust, respect, and transparency
Excellence:  Promoting ethical and professional practices and high standards for students, faculty, and staff
Collective Wisdom:  Sharing knowledge to inspire and advance innovation and academic entrepreneurship
Collaboration:  Working with members and stakeholders to analyze issues, respond proactively to trends, and identify creative solutions



integrated into large research universities as well as small private colleges.



without compromising the central vision of excellence.



Nelson Mandela

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c/o Dr. Wesley Curtis
University of South Carolina
1705 College Street Ste 403
Columbia, SC 29208

Students may write to student@UCIEP.org

Overseas Advisors may write to advisors@UCIEP.org

Prospective UCIEP Members may write to 黑猫tomAPP破解版

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